Import (tab)

Use this tab to import whole sets of voice commands for specific applications into e-Speaking's Voice and Speech Recognition software.

View a Flash Demo of this function.

Step 1: Retrieve the List

These commands are stored at the e-Speaking website. The voice commands are grouped by specific Windows applications. To get a list of the applications, click the "Office Programs" or "Games" button. Make sure you are connected to the Internet when you retrieve the list.

Step 2: Select an Application

You can import voice commands to work with specific applications listed in the box in Step 2. Select the program you wish to import commands for. A list of the commands that will be imported is shown in the next box.

Step 3: Import the Commands

Click the Import Commands button to have the voice commands added to your list of commands.

Flash Demo

Some of the popular programs you can import commands for are:

  1. Adobe Photoshop
  2. Microsoft Excel
  3. Microsoft Word
  4. Microsoft Outlook
  5. Microsoft Internet Explorer
  6. Microsoft Windows Media Player
  7. iTunes
  8. Mozilla Firefox
  9. Express Scribe
  10. Autodesk Revit Building 8